Digital therapeutics for minor injury

People with common musculoskeletal conditions spend 99% of their time self-managing.
Almost all will benefit from safe and effective self-management to preventing over treatment.

getUBetter provides evidence based digital self-management support for all common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions including back, back and leg, neck, shoulder, knee and ankle pain.

24/7 self-management support

getUBetter provides 24/7 self-management support, so people trust their recovery and are only re-directed to healthcare services when necessary. This means healthcare systems can provide a digitally enabled MSK pathways across the whole pathway, so avoids silos of care and prevents over treatment.

Each element of the pathway is configured to the local health system and delivered to their population.

Patients are supported digitally through their recovery day-by-day with personalised, evidence-based behaviour change techniques which includes symptom checking, nudges, videos, exercises and outcome measures.

Digitally enabled

Providing integrated, locally configured, digitally enabled MSK pathways to ICS's and other organisations.
Improving access, helping to standardise care and prevent over treatment.

Available to the population

Integrated across the whole MSK pathway and made available to the population wherever they enter the system so avoids silos of care

Connected and supported 24/7

People are connected to their local care pathway, treatment and support services 24/7. Supporting MSK self management and providing safety netting.

How we are helping the NHS and people with MSK conditions during these unprecedented times

We are providing NHS organisations and clinicians with new ways to support people with common MSK conditions via end to end digital injury support and condition management

Our cost efficient, evidence-based technology is simple to integrate across the whole care system. It is a new way to provide recovery, prevention and support to every person that needs it. Helping them before, during and after any contact with their local service

MSK pathways have had to adapt rapidly due to Covid-19 and we have been able to support our NHS partners to provide a digitally enabled MSK pathways, support self-management whilst safety netting alongside the ability to change these pathways rapidly to meet changing demands and services.

Reducing workload across MSK pathways

Helping people trust their recovery through good self-management support prevents over treatment. This is reflected in less GP appointments, less physio referrals and less medication prescribing

A new treatment for MSK conditions

Clinicians are able to prescribe evidence based, CE marked, digital self-management support that links to local recovery pathways

Safe, secure and integrated

getUBetter is a certified medical device and complies with NHS Clinical Safety and Information Governance standards. We are committed to interoperability and integration with electronic patient records and the NHS App

Our quality and safety assurance

At getUBetter we are Clinicians and Professional software Engineers first and foremost. Our professional obligations require us to ensure that the tools we use in treating patients are as safe as we can make them. The medical software (platform and app) we produce is just such a “tool” and we are committed to ensure that the software we manufacture measures up to the high standards and traditions set by our respective professions.

As a company we have established systematic Quality Management and Clinical Safety systems and hold quarterly reviews to identify, assess, control and mitigate any inherent clinical or system risks. This is then consolidated on a yearly basis.

We are totally committed at getUBetter to provide the highest levels of software quality and safety we can through our processes. Our company follows these systems and processes without reservation, and actively seeks opportunities to improve the way we work.

We recognise that the software we produce could be used in the treatment of our own families and loved ones, and therefore our company and all our staff have a duty to support the Quality and Clinical Safety management systems.
As a company we commit to operating an ISO13485 compliant Quality Management System.

Our partners